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Blackboard at Kuwait University: The Blackboard is a Learning Management System known as a virtual learning environment and hub for student services such as providing an access for online course materials, grades and more. The Blackboard as an education platform had been taken over at Kuwait University since 2006 and up until the current time. • Integration of the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) & Student Information System (SIS): The main purpose of the integration of the Blackboard LMS and the SIS is to resolve conflicting and repetitive data and to create a successful identified data. • Outcome of the integration: Based on statistics, the number of courses has been increased overtime. • Details of the Blackboard System Adoption at Kuwait University: o Academic Adoption Day: The academic adoption day of the Blackboard System was held in December 2018 at Kuwait University. o Training Session: The training session of the Academic Adoption included training Kuwait University’s faculties on the Essential Training and Designing Exemplary courses. Moreover, Kuwait Univesity had proposed a new kind of training under the name of “Train the Trainers” which emphasis on both TA’s and employees of Kuwait University to have an overview of the whole Blackboard System and to be able to train other faculties in order to spread the idea and benefits of using such a beneficial system such as the Blackboard.

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